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Ajax in Practice


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By: Dave Crane, Jord Sonneveld, Bear Bibeault, et. al.
ISBN: 1932394990
June 2007 | 536 pages


Ajax in Practice tackles Ajax head-on, providing countless hands-on techniques and tons of reusable code to address the specific issues developers face when building Ajax-driven solutions.

After a brief overview of Ajax, this book takes the reader through dozens of working examples, presented in an easy-to-use cookbook format. Readers will learn how to implement drag-and-drop interfaces and discover how to create effective navigation strategies for their applications. Unlike a traditional cookbook, Ajax in Practice provides a thorough discussion of each technique presented and shows how the individual components can be connected to create powerful solutions. A fun "mash-up" chapter concludes the book. Throughout the book, the examples chosen are interesting, entertaining, and practical.

About the Author

Ajax in Practice boasts a team of authors including Dave Crane, leading Ajax authority and best-selling author of Manning's Ajax in Action, Bear Bibeault of Java Ranch, Jord Sonneveld of Google, Chris Gray of ClearNova, Ram Venkataraman of JBoss, Joe Walker, creator of DWR and Ted Goddard of IceFaces. Collectively, this group has thousands of hours putting Ajax to work in real-world products and solutions.


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