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Daily Dose - Spring Roo's RooBot

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Spring Roo 1.1 RC 1 was just released with nearly 300 enhancements since the milestone stage.  The latest release adds the "RooBot" client, which is used for automating add-on deployment.  There is also incremental database reverse engineering in this release along with library upgrades, bugfixes, and usability enhancements.  Since the announcement of a Spring-Google partnership, Spring Roo's 1.1 release has been aimed at integration and roundtripping with Google Web Toolkit for deployment on Google AppEngine.  Spring Roo 1.1 RC1 adds the latest GWT 2.1 RC1 features.

A Date With Chrome 8
The dev channel recently got access to Chrome 8, and Chrome 7 isn't even final yet!  This version features GPU acceleration of HTML5 canvas and cloud print options.  Full hardware acceleration won't be available until Chrome 9 at least.  Windows and Linux versions include built-in support for Google Instant.

New Version of the Go Language
Google just released a new version of their relatively new Go programming language.  The release includes changes to the log package, the removal of exp/iterable, and two new tools called "goplay" and "gotry".  goplay is a standalone version of the Go Playground, which is used to test-drive Go.  gotry is "an exercise in reflection and an unusual tool."

Is Android 3.0 Coming Next Week?
According to sources close to the Android core, there's a chance that Android's "Gingerbread" OS could be released next week.  What we're waiting to see is if Google will release two separate OS'.  One for smartphones, and one optimized for tablets.   LG said that it's willing to wait on its Android tablet until a better Android OS for tablets comes along.

Is JaveEE really portable? And is it really useful?
After 8 hours of creating Java EE applications, one developer is not sold on the portability of Java EE.  Thank Peter Thomas for the link.
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