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Daily Dose - Facebook Going Public, But Not For a While

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Facebook Going Public, But Not For a While   
The WSJ has been talking with Facebook and gaining some early access to their plans for the future.  Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, confirmed that the company will eventually go public, but not anytime soon.  Mark is worried that going public will make the company less flexible.  Facebook also projects between $1.2 - $2 billion in revenue this year.  

Cray and Microsoft Put Their Heads Together
Microsoft Research is about to get some help from the Cray supercomputer engineering group to figure out how to lower the costs of cloud computing.  Cray currently holds the record for the fastest supercomputer, which is used by the US Department of Energy.  The two teams will look at efficient power delivery and cooling innovations to reduce the operating costs of a cloud datacenter.  Reducing power usage will also reduce pollution.  Gartner says nearly 1/4th of the world's CO2 emissions are the result of datacenter power usage.  

JSFUnit Updates Old Static Analysis Code
JBoss has released the final version of JSFUnit 1.2, which is a test framework for Java Server Faces applications.  The new release has updated old JSF static analysis code and made it easy to test for common errors.  JSFUnit 1.2 also includes a new API for working with RichTree components, simplified configuration for Servlet 3.0, and a browser-based console for launching tests.  

Droid Firmware Update Leaks with Android 2.1
While Nexus One owners enjoy the 2.1 version of Android, Droid and Droid Eris owners patiently wait for their upgrades from 2.0.  Now, the waiting can be over for those who find the leaked firmware updates for both handsets.  The upgrade provides better performance, and navigation is present.  However, Google didn't think it was a big deal to forgo the 2.1 update on the Droids when Nexus One was released.  A spokesperson said that the new features of 2.1 weren't very significant.

Programming Humor
There are a bunch of funny error messages written as Haiku's posted on this blog.  Jonathan Schwartz would be proud.
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Xianghui Dong replied on Fri, 2010/03/05 - 10:16am

 What? "Gartner says nearly 1/4th of the world's CO2 emissions are the result of datacenter power usage. " It should be:

The intensive power requirements needed to run and cool data centres now account for almost a quarter of global CO2 emissions from information and communications technology.

Chris Roane replied on Fri, 2010/03/05 - 11:45am

I think it is smart for Facebook to wait to go public. They seem to constantly be growing and they have room for improvement (like everything else).

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