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Dustin Marx08/23/14
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Book Review: Arduino Home Automation Projects

Author Marco Schwartz combines high-definition photographs, clear diagrams, and sufficiently sharp screen snapshots with easy-to-follow text to describe seven projects in seven chapters of Arduino Home Automation Projects that apply Arduino to build home automation projects.

Damir Arh07/31/14
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OUYA Game Development by Example

One could easily say, this book is more than a bit from my usual field of expertise. I’m no game developer (the stuff I was doing while still in school doesn’t count) and I don’t own an OUYA....

Shane Willerton07/29/14
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Review of Analytics Across the Enterprise: How IBM Realizes Business Value from Big Data and Analytics

Is Big Data just background noise or does it have enough true business value potential to offset the costs? Those are some of the questions that I have struggled with since Big Data became the new...

Alec Noller07/28/14
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Introducing DZone's 2014 Guide to Internet of Things

DZone's 2014 Guide to Internet of Things was produced to help you understand the growing variety of technologies, tools, and companies behind IoT, along with the challenges it faces and the vast potential it holds.

Riccardo Massera07/22/14
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Mastering Metasploit

I really enjoyed reading this book, it is very well organized and the chapters follow a logical scheme, clearly stating the objectives at the beginning. After an introductory part, which describes...

Stephen Robillard07/20/14
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A Review of Packt's PhantomJS Cookbook

I read one of the books’ recipes Automating performance analysis with YSlow and PhantomJS on the Packt website, and was thrilled when given the opportunity to review it. The first three chapters...

Gretchen Sisnett07/20/14
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Review: Penetration Testing with the Bash shell

Click here to download a sample chapter The first 2 chapters take you through a solid amount of background bash shell information. You cover topics like directory manipulation, grep, find,...

Phil Wilkins07/17/14
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Creating Flat Design Websites

I always find when looking at book if I encounter early in the book comments such as "...eventually I found out that design is not about the answers, it's about asking the right questions ..." as...

Alec Noller07/09/14
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The Best of DZone: July 1 - 8

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include dynamic CSS classes with SASS, deploying a RabbitMQ cluster on Google Compute Engine, why you should stop unit testing database code, what makes a good programmer, and more.

Murat Aydin07/08/14
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Review: Learning Pentesting for Android Devices

The book is a very nice introduction to pentesting for Android Devices. It is very easy to follow the book and you dont need to open your notebook to follow the book. It covers many aspects of...

Shane Willerton07/05/14
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I.T. Managers need this book to foster an Agile transformation!

There is a plethora of books on Agile methodology and processes. These methodology books outline the tools and mechanics of implementing Agile transformations from the bottom of an organization to...

Bill Jones07/04/14
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Get Your Rendering On

At first I was rather skeptical about this book, I was always interested CG rendering and 3D design and this book seemed like a good direction to take. I really enjoyed the hands on approach, make sure you download the code documents in order to follow along.

Dan Barrett07/04/14
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Learning Nagios 4

As a longtime user of GroundWork, I've always had an abstraction layer between me and Nagios. I'd always thought that having a better understanding of the internals of GroundWork would make it...

Julius Of Wp7agile07/03/14
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Review: Learning Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Are you already using Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8? It doesn't matter what your response is. Geoff Webber-Cross’s 'Learning Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8...

Kai Wähner07/03/14
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Fundamentals of Stream Processing (IBM InfoSphere Streams, TIBCO StreamBase, Apache Storm)

Internet of Things, cloud and mobile are the major drivers for stream processing. Use cases are network monitoring, intelligent surveillance, but also less technical things such as inventory...