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Alvin Ashcraft03/10/10
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Book Review: ASP.NET MVC in Action

This book is aimed at experienced web developers with a solid background. It covers advanced topics and does not try to hold the reader's hand.It covers ASP.NET MVC Framework v1.0. This is the...

Luigi Agosti03/05/10
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Book Review: Unlocking Android

The mobile world is under the lens of developers, Android in particular. It is in fact different from similar environments being completely open. Ableson spotted this peculiar characteristic and is...

Sunil Parikh03/03/10
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Book Review - Dynamic SOA and BPM

The book begins with an approach From Simplified Integration to Dynamic Processes. Describes common pitfalls limiting the value of SOA and BPM and why full values of these services are not...

Lyndsey Clevesy02/26/10
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Exclusive Case Study Preview: Estimation as a Tool

This case study is excerpted from the book, Evaluating Project Decisions: Case Studies in Software Engineering, authored by Carol Hoover, Mel Rosso-Llopart and Gil Taran, ISBN 0321544560, published in Oct. 2009 by Addison-Wesley Professional, Copyright 2010...

Manuel Jordan02/24/10
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AspectJ in Action: Enterprise AOP with Spring Applications

Part I Understanding AOP and AspectJ Chapter 01: Discovering AOP Here our author starts talking about Complexity and its respective solution, Modularization, and for first time the concern...

Lyndsey Clevesy02/23/10
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Hello World Portlet using Spring 3.0 Portlet MVC—Part I

This article is taken from the book Portlets in Action from Manning Publications. It’s part of a three-part series that creates a portlet example using the Spring 3.0 Portlet MVC. For the table of contents, the author forum, and other resources, go to...

Umair Saeed02/22/10
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Book Review - iPhone in Action: Introduction to Web and SDK Development

“iPhone in Action: Introduction to Web and SDK Development” is exactly what the title says. This book not only covers creating apps through the iPhone SDK, but also covers how to create web pages...

Michele Mauro02/15/10
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Book Review: 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know

"97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know" is the kind of book that you read cover to cover and then keep near your workspace. Then, when you need advice, inspiration, or when you wonder...

Peter Armstrong02/11/10
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Flex 4 in Action

I've been very appreciative of Tariq Ahmed's work since his creation of the CFLEX.Net Flex community way back in the early days of Flex, when Halo was green, Validators couldn't have id properties...

Alvin Ashcraft02/11/10
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ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Test Driven Development: Problem - Design - Solution

This book is a nice way to become familiar with Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC Framework and Test Driven Development (TDD) all at once. The author weaves TDD concepts and other development best practices...

Victor Noagbodji02/10/10
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Book Review: Practical Django Projects, Second Edition

"There are 10 kinds of people", goes the joke among programmers, "those who can read binary and those who cannot." There are also two kinds of technical books. Some present the...

Tom Brander02/09/10
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Iron Python In Action

I got a free copy of this book to review from DZone since I'm part of their Review Team.This book is aimed at all levels and can serve as an excellent introduction to the Python programming...

Alvin Ashcraft02/04/10
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The Art of Unit Testing by Roy Osherove

As a developer who started working in Visual Basic 15 years ago and only began to explore unit testing and Test-Driven Development (TDD) in the last four to five years, I was blown away by The Art of...

Sunil Parikh02/01/10
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Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Developer’s Guide

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this book and its example code. It covers many advanced topics and it's clear to me that the author worked hard to put together the book's contents. I enjoyed that,...

Ferdinando Sant...01/27/10
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C# in Depth, 2nd Edition

The early access version that I have of this book allowed me to read and review two full chapters: 13 and 14. Chapter 13 deals with “minor changes” C# brings to developers. Chapter 14 sheds light...