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Piergiorgio Lucidi12/21/09
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Alfresco 3 Enterprise Content Management Implementation

Chapter 1: Introduction to Alfresco The first chapter is dedicated to showing Alfresco to first-time users, with all the main features, the repository structure and the software architecture. This...

Tijs Rademakers12/16/09
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Open source ESBs: please collaborate!

Although you may have the feeling it's a bit quiet in open source ESB space, there's still a lot of innovation and work being done in these projects. Some weeks ago Mitch from DZone posted a nice overview article of his list of top open source ESBs and this...

Manuel Jordan12/16/09
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Pro Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi Service Platforms

Chapter 1: Introducing OSGi This chapter starts off with asection called OSGi Concepts and Architecture where JVM, Java Classes and CLASSPATH are covered. After this comes, Class Loaders: Custom...

Mike Hadlow12/15/09
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Book Review: Enterprise Integration Patterns

I’ve just finished reading ‘Enterprise Integration Patterns’ by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf for the second time. I first read it when it was published back in 2004. At the time I was struggling with web application architecture, and so it wasn’t...

Matt Stine12/14/09
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Author Interview: Dave Klein on Grails: A Quick Start Guide

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dave Klein, the author of DZone's Getting Started with Grails Refcard and Grails: A Quick-Start Guide for the Pragmatic Programmers, affectionately known in Twitter circles as "GQuick." You may have...

Ryan Little12/04/09
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Programming Google App Engine (Animal Guide)

As one of today's cloud computing services, Google App Engine does more than provide access to a large system of servers. It also offers you a simple model...

Mark Needham12/04/09
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Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Design in UML: Book Review

One of my favourite recent blog posts is one written by Sammy Larbi on coupling and cohesion and while discussing it with Phil he suggested that I would probably like this book and in particular the chapter on connascence which I've previously written...

Manuel Jordan12/02/09
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JBoss Tools 3 Developers Guide

This is an interesting book, where the author knows how explain the step by step approach while using huge amounts of images throughout the book. Chapter 1: An Overview of JBoss Tools The...

Lee Matos11/26/09
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Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0

As a PHP Developer with no ASP.NET MVC experience, this book really opened up doors for me. I have dabbled in ASP.NET web forms and felt that they weren't "my style". They just didn't feel...

Edward Gardella11/25/09
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ActiveMQ in Action

Manning was kind enough to provide me with an EAP (Early Access Program) copy of ActiveMQ in Action for review.  The copy only contains chapters 1-6, 8, 12 and 14 (the other chapters are...

Matt Stine11/24/09
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Land the Tech Job You Love

A little over a year ago, I ventured into the world of software development management, and at the time I inherited a team having a few open positions. Previously I had been involved in numerous...

Ted Neward11/23/09
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Book Review: Debug It! (Paul Butcher, Pragmatic Bookshelf)

Paul asked me to review this, his first book, and my comment to him was that he had a pretty high bar to match; being of the same "series" as Release It!, Mike Nygard's take on building software ready for production (and, in my repeatedly stated...

German Viscuso11/19/09
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Essential JavaFX

When I first laid my hands on 'Essential JavaFX' I thought that it was a big plus for newbies that the book assumes the reader has a basic knowledge on programming but does not require you...

Ferdinando Sant...11/18/09
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Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Programming

Since I've been using Visual Studio 2008 for a while now, I figured it was time for me to dig further into the great features that I know this powerful...

Lyndsey Clevesy11/16/09
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Book Giveaway & Exclusive Chapter Download: Flex 3 in Action

DZone and Manning Publications have partnered to bring you an exclusive chapter from 'Flex 3 in Action' (by Tariq Ahmed). This chapter covers ActionScript's core concepts. It discusses comments, variable types, operators, loops, conditions, arrays, and...