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Arbi Sookazian11/10/09
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Seam 2.x Web Development

This book is an introductory guide to the JBoss Seam framework.  The intended audience is Java EE application developers who have no experience with Seam.  One drawback, in my opinion, is that...

German Viscuso11/09/09
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Programming Scala: Tackle Multi-Core Complexity on the Java Virtual Machine

When I laid my hands on this book I was delighted to see that it's part of "The Pragmatic Programmers" series. As a developer I have a high respect for books in this series because they...

Dave Bush11/06/09
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The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

“Programmers are craftspeople trained to use a certain set of tools (editors, object managers, version trackers) to generate a certain kind of product (programs) that will operate in some environment (operating systems on hardware assemblies). Like any...

James Fisk11/04/09
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Book Review: Oracle 10g/11g Data and Database Management Utilities

This book is most suitable for entry-level to advanced Oracle Database professionals; it offers something for everyone. It covers all of the 10g/11g utilities, Data Pump,...

Manuel Jordan10/30/09
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The Definitive Guide to Terracotta: Cluster the JVM for Spring, Hibernate and POJO Scalability

Chapter 1 : Theory and Foundation Forming a Common Understanding You can consider this chapter as an introduction. The Terracotta Framework is defined as a transparent clustering service for...

Sven Reimers10/27/09
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Book Review: Modular Java

Chapter 1, Introduction, gives a short introduction into modularity, OSGi and the necessary key elements. This is done on a very simple level so that no previous knowledge for OSGi is needed.Chapter...

Ryan Little10/25/09
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Professional BlazeDS

This informative resource provides you with detailed examples and walkthroughs that explain the best practices for creating RIAs using BlazeDS. You’ll begin...

Burk Hufnagel10/23/09
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Designing Web Interfaces: Principles and Patterns for Rich Interactions

"Designing Web Interfaces" is a very visual book, which makes sense considering the subject. However that also makes it difficult to do justice to it in a review like this one. So,...

Burk Hufnagel10/20/09
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Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual

Part 1: Welcome to Macintosh Chapters one through four give you a nice introduction to the Mac itself. Chapter one starts with the most important thing, (where to find the power button on each of...

Michael Sonsino10/14/09
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The Art of Unit Testing

The Art of Unit Testing, by well-known .NET developer Roy Osherove, is an excellent resource for developers interested in using unit tests to their full potential. While the book provides an...

Craig Wickesser10/13/09
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Book Review - Spring in Practice

The authors are targeting developers using the Spring Framework who want to learn more about certain topics, developers who want to catch up with some of the new features in Spring 3, or developers...

Jim Kohli10/12/09
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LINQ Programming

This book will be useful for newbies as well as the highly experienced in understanding and applying LINQ to optimize access to various data sources. The material is very useful for anyone...

Dan Clark10/06/09
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Groovy Recipes Greasing the Wheels of Java

Groovy is a dynamic language that compiles to bytecode and runs on the JVM, just like Java. Its goals are to remove much of the overhead that Java programmers put up with in their daily coding....

Raquel Maldonado10/02/09
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Hello Android

Jumping right in, I really enjoyed the game that was chosen as an example project in this book. It draws attention to the technical details of implementation rather than distracting...

Michael Shields09/29/09
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Flex 3 with Java Book Review

Flex 3 with Java is a quick read (<300 pages) that immediately gets you up to speed on what Flex is and how you can use it. Having worked with another RIA framework I was keen to see what Flex had...