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Lee Matos11/26/09
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Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0

As a PHP Developer with no ASP.NET MVC experience, this book really opened up doors for me. I have dabbled in ASP.NET web forms and felt that they weren't "my style". They just didn't feel...

Edward Gardella11/25/09
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ActiveMQ in Action

Manning was kind enough to provide me with an EAP (Early Access Program) copy of ActiveMQ in Action for review.  The copy only contains chapters 1-6, 8, 12 and 14 (the other chapters are...

Matt Stine11/24/09
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Land the Tech Job You Love

A little over a year ago, I ventured into the world of software development management, and at the time I inherited a team having a few open positions. Previously I had been involved in numerous...

Ted Neward11/23/09
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Book Review: Debug It! (Paul Butcher, Pragmatic Bookshelf)

Paul asked me to review this, his first book, and my comment to him was that he had a pretty high bar to match; being of the same "series" as Release It!, Mike Nygard's take on building software ready for production (and, in my repeatedly stated...

German Viscuso11/19/09
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Essential JavaFX

When I first laid my hands on 'Essential JavaFX' I thought that it was a big plus for newbies that the book assumes the reader has a basic knowledge on programming but does not require you...

Ferdinando Sant...11/18/09
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Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Programming

Since I've been using Visual Studio 2008 for a while now, I figured it was time for me to dig further into the great features that I know this powerful...

Lyndsey Clevesy11/16/09
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Book Giveaway & Exclusive Chapter Download: Flex 3 in Action

DZone and Manning Publications have partnered to bring you an exclusive chapter from 'Flex 3 in Action' (by Tariq Ahmed). This chapter covers ActionScript's core concepts. It discusses comments, variable types, operators, loops, conditions, arrays, and...

Arbi Sookazian11/12/09
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Apache Hadoop: The Definitive Guide Book Review

Hadoop is a technology that is relatively unknown to most of my peer software developers however it is gaining...

Lyndsey Clevesy11/11/09
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Book Giveaway & Exclusive Chapter Download: Agile Coaching

DZone and Pragmatic Bookshelf have partnered to bring you this exclusive chapter from 'Agile Coaching' by Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley. This excerpt was extracted from Agile Coaching, published in August 2009 by Pragmatic Bookshelf.

Carl Dea11/11/09
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JavaFX in Action

It is an exciting time to learn JavaFX platform to build desktop, mobile and Set-Top Box applications. JavaFX in Action is a book that will get you up to speed in no time at all. The book strikes a...

Arbi Sookazian11/10/09
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Seam 2.x Web Development

This book is an introductory guide to the JBoss Seam framework.  The intended audience is Java EE application developers who have no experience with Seam.  One drawback, in my opinion, is that...

German Viscuso11/09/09
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Programming Scala: Tackle Multi-Core Complexity on the Java Virtual Machine

When I laid my hands on this book I was delighted to see that it's part of "The Pragmatic Programmers" series. As a developer I have a high respect for books in this series because they...

Dave Bush11/06/09
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The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

“Programmers are craftspeople trained to use a certain set of tools (editors, object managers, version trackers) to generate a certain kind of product (programs) that will operate in some environment (operating systems on hardware assemblies). Like any...

James Fisk11/04/09
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Book Review: Oracle 10g/11g Data and Database Management Utilities

This book is most suitable for entry-level to advanced Oracle Database professionals; it offers something for everyone. It covers all of the 10g/11g utilities, Data Pump,...

Manuel Jordan10/30/09
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The Definitive Guide to Terracotta: Cluster the JVM for Spring, Hibernate and POJO Scalability

Chapter 1 : Theory and Foundation Forming a Common Understanding You can consider this chapter as an introduction. The Terracotta Framework is defined as a transparent clustering service for...