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Keyvan Nayyeri06/10/09
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An Overview of Wrox Series

I’m happy to say that after almost a year of hard-work on our Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0 book, last weekend Simone and I sent the last part of our chapters to Wiley/Wrox editors to be sent to the last stage, printing.

Manuel Jordan06/03/09
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Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development

Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Setup for Spring Web Flow 2 Chapter 3: The Basics of Spring Web Flow 2 Chapter 4: Spring Faces Chapter 5: Mastering Spring Web Flow ...

James Sugrue06/02/09
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JavaFX: Developing Rich Internet Applications

Getting Started does exactly what you'd expect - it shows you where to get JavaFX, how to use the NetBeans IDE for development, while also showing you the alternatives (Eclipse and command line). The...

James Sugrue05/12/09
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Seam Framework: Experience The Evolution of Java EE

The book spans 34 chapters in total, with 8 parts making these chapters more digestable. Here I will give a brief overview of these partsPart 1: Getting Started This part is designed for the novice,...

Piergiorgio Lucidi05/11/09
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Spring 2.5 Aspect-Oriented Programming Book Review

Chapter 1: Understanding AOP Concepts The first chapter is  a wide introduction to all the main concepts that you need to know in approaching AOP. All these components are described with their...

Alvin Ashcraft05/06/09
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Win Your Copy: JavaScript for Programmers

The first chapter is a high-level introduction to JavaScript, and the history of web development. Chapters two and three provide a good introduction to XHTML and CSS development. This material will...

Alvin Ashcraft04/29/09
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Win Your Copy: Professional ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 Edition in C# and VB

Chapters 1 through 5 explain the core concepts of the ASP.NET Framework: Application & Page objects, server-side controls vs. client-side scripts, web server control details, validation controls,...

Burk Hufnagel04/23/09
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Win Your Copy: Pragmatic Thinking & Learning: Refactor Your Wetware

1 Introduction This is chapter does a nice job of introducing you to the book and giving you an idea of what to expect in the chapters that follow. While this book isn’t specifically for...

Piergiorgio Lucidi04/21/09
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JBoss Portal Server Development Book Review

In the first chapter, JBoss Portal Server Development provides a good overview about all portal types (B2B,B2C,B2E), and then continues to introduce all the components needed to understand all...

David Sills04/14/09
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Win Your Copy: Seam In Action

Part 1. Teeing off with Seam Chapter 1. Seam unifies Java EE The major concept behind Seam is to serve as an adjunct to Java EE. JSF, a relatively recent entrant to the specification, has...

Manuel Jordan04/08/09
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Spring 2.5 Aspect Oriented Programming

Chapter 1: Understanding AOP Concepts As an introduction, this chapter teaches, in a concrete well explained way, the limits of OOP. Some graphics are used to get a better understanding of...

Burk Hufnagel03/28/09
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Win Your Copy: Practical API Design: Confessions of a Java Framework Architect

“Practical API Design” is divided into three parts:In part one, Jaroslav describes the theories underlying his approach to API design and his reasons for writing “another design book.” This...

Jason Kilgrow03/25/09
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Win Your Copy: Java Persistence with Hibernate

This book is divided into 3 parts with 2 appendices.Part 1: Getting Started With Hibernate and EJB 3.0This is the foundation for understanding how Hibernate works. The most relevant part for me was...

Alvin Ashcraft03/19/09
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Win Your Copy - Professional ADO.NET 3.5 with LINQ and the Entity Framework

Professional ADO.NET 3.5 is divided into five top-level parts. The chapters in each of these parts focus on a particular aspect of data acces in .NET 3.5. Part I: Getting a Grip on ADO.NET 3.5The...

Aslam Khan03/16/09
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AspectJ in Action, 2nd Edition

Get 40% of this book exclusively at Manning!Manning has kindly donated a discount code for this book.  Use the code "aspectj40" and will get you a massive 40% off the book from now until...