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Alec Noller02/19/14
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Dev of the Week: Rafał Kuć

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Rafał Kuć, software architect and Solr and Lucene specialist.

Mayur Patil02/19/14
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Book Review: Eclipse 4 Plug-in Development by Example

Eclipse 4 Plug-in Development by Example Beginner's Guide is truly a definitive reference for the Newbies and a pocket guide for Geeks.

André Arnaud De...02/19/14
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Review: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Administration Cookbook

The contents of the book is about administer and maintain your Dynamics AX 2012 environment in an efficiently way. As experienced Microsoft Dynamics AX professional I assumed I was already familiar...

Simon Jackson02/13/14
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Unity Multiplayer Games: A Review

It seems the strength of Unity holds no bounds of late going from strength to strength, yet for all the books and tutorials the author has seen to date, none have gone beyond the editor itself. It’s nice to see a title address a key factor in modern games: networking.

Phil Wilkins02/08/14
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Enterprise Security: A Data-Centric Approach

As an Enterprise Architect, I took an interest in this book as an opportunity to validate my understanding of security and ensure in the design and guidance work that I do I am providing good...

Razvan Cosmeanu02/07/14
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Python Data Visualization Cookbook

Having just started my career as a web developer two years ago, my weapon of choice was PHP. Naturally, not being a mature enough developer to fully understand the power of PHP, I quickly found...

Andrew Kuzmin02/07/14
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Exploring Data With RapidMiner by Andrew Chisholm

If you’ve picked this book expecting that it explains what RapidMiner is and how to work with RapidMiner Studio GUI - put this book aside! It has none of it. If you hoped to learn how to build a...

Alec Noller02/06/14
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Take Our Survey and be Part of DZone's New Cloud Platform Research Report!

The DZone Research team wants to know what features and services you care about when comparing PaaS and IaaS products. Help DZone get a better idea of the trends in PaaS and IaaS preferences and usage, and you'll be entered to win an iPad Air, Windows Surface, or Samsung Tab 10!

Luigi Fugaro02/04/14
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Video Review: JBoss EAP Configuration, Deployment, and Administration

The videos in the entire tutorial cover fundamental topics to manage the JBoss EAP 6. Starting from running the EAP 6 both in standalone and domain mode, videos also explain/show topic regarding Java and the JVM in general.

Alexander Helf02/01/14
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Review: Getting Started with Apache Maven

Some time ago I was asked if I would like to write a review about one of the new video courses from Packt Publishing. It was "Getting Started with Apache Maven" ( http://bit.ly/1fycmpP ) by Russell...

Dustin Marx01/30/14
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Book Review: Mastering HTML5 Forms

This is a review of Packt Publishing's "Mastering HTML5 Forms." The subtitle of Mastering HTML5 Forms is "Create dynamic and responsive web forms with this in-depth, hands-on guide." Mastering HTML5 Forms is written by Gaurav Gupta, has five chapters, and is a bit over 125 pages long.

Daniel Bryant01/24/14
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Review: Data Science for Business

This book provides an introduction to nearly all of the underlying data science fundamentals. You’ll learn about data-analytic thinking, correlation, segmentation, model fitting/overfitting, similarity (k-NN etc.), clustering (k-means etc.), probability (Bayes et al), mining text, result evaluation etc., and more!

Glauco Márdano01/23/14
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Augmented Reality for Android Application Development

This book is very precise, and teaches the reader to develop an AR application for android from scratch. It's at the same time advanced and easy to understand, so this book is either for newbies or...

Alec Noller01/22/14
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Dev of the Week: James Sugrue

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to James Sugrue, principal front-end architect at Avego and DZone zone leader.

Simon Jackson01/20/14
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Learning Windows 8 Game Development: A Review

As the book title suggests, this is a Windows 8 title. However, it's not immediately apparent that it's a C++ Windows game development title. Yes, you can build games in XAML or even C# with MonoGame and Unity, but to get multi-platform and highly performing code, you are most likely to start looking into C++.