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Mike Miller06/05/13
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Getting Started with NoSQL

Overview Unless you've been living under a rock, you have at the very least, heard of NoSQL. You may not know much about it, what types of NoSQL databases exists, what the functionalities they...

Petros Multi05/31/13
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Instant HTML5 Local Storage how-to

Packt Publishing, published a new book titled “Instant HTML5 Local Storage how-to”, by Alex Libby. It’s a very well and clear written book, which provides an easy to understand introduction to...

Shaju Mathew05/31/13
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Review of Android NDK Cookbook from packt

Here's my drilldown: Chapters 1 & 2 are the obligatory introductions(to setup and JNI). The JNI reference(Chapter 2) is detailed - covering JNI caching, optimized array return strategies, clear...

Mark Jensen05/30/13
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Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012

Having 14 years of ERP experience I was excited to learn more about Dynamics AX. I was expecting a deeply technical book on implementing the application but instead found a logical, straightforward...

Farzan Mohajerani05/29/13
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Instant EaselJS Starter

EaselJS is a great library to work with HTML5 Canvas feature. Especially for flash developers who had experience with Actionscript programming language. Instant EaselJS Starter, as the title...

Ben Wilcock05/29/13
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Book review: SOA Made Simple

Packt Publishing’s latest SOA book: ‘SOA Made Simple‘, claims to lay bare the fundamental strategies, goals, principals, benefits and impacts of service oriented architecture in a way that is easily accessible. In this review we’ll see if these claims are justified.

Juha Ylitalo05/28/13
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Instant Cucumber BDD How-to

Instant Cucumber BDD How-to is a good jumpstart into how cucumber works and how to use it on web sites. Even if you've used cucumber before you might learn trick or two about how to streamline your...

Fabio Radin05/26/13
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Android Native Development Kit Cookbook

The book gives a very detailed and exhaustive description of entry-level, intermediate and advanced techniques that could be used with Android NDK. All chapters, that are more or less independent...

Romain Manni-bucau05/23/13
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Puppet 3 Starter

The book is divided in 4 main parts: What's puppet Its installation Quick start Tips The first part is short but show you with a very simple sample why puppet is important and what...

Romain Manni-bucau05/23/13
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Instant Cucumber BDD How To

Instant Cucumber BDD How to The book is divided in 8 main parts which will drive you from the understanding of the BDD to the advanced usage of Cucumber without forgetting to teach you how to get...

Rodrigo Julian ...05/23/13
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A Good Choice for People Who Want to Start with Cucumber

Having worked with cucumber for almost a year now, I was glad to read a book that contains useful insights about working with this Framework in a BDD Environment. Recipes are clear and...

Oleksandr Alesinskyy05/21/13
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Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development: How HP Transformed LaserJet FutureSmart Firmware

Usually I become quite skeptical and wary when I meet an article or a book dealing with an enterprise or large-scale agile - but after reading of just few pages of this book I was convinced that this...

Romain Manni-bucau05/21/13
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Arquillian Testing Guide

Review First the progression of the book is globally: A presentation of Arquillian What was done before Arquillian and why it answers to needs of today Arquillian and...

Damir Arh05/15/13
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Windows Phone 7.5 Application Development With F#

Let me first point out that this book doesn't give you any introduction to F#. You need to have at least basic knowledge of the language to follow the book along. I don't think there's anything wrong...

Charles Anderson05/10/13
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Review: Hadoop Beginner's Guide

Hadoop Beginner's Guide provides an introduction to how to get up and running with the core components of Hadoop, some higher level tools like Hive, integration tools like Sqoop and Flume, and it also provides some good starting information relating to operational issues with Hadoop.