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Rodrigo Julian ...07/14/13
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Book Review: Instant RSPEC Test-Driven Development How To

Having worked with rspec for a year or so, I found this recipe book as a good way to refresh some of the concepts and techniques of this excellent framework. The recipes are clear and concise. I...

Clinton Gallagher07/11/13
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Responsive Web Design By Example

This is a well written book chock full of code examples and an abundance of linked resources that will keep you busy loading and saving websites as resources and references. The first thing I...

Awais Bajwa07/11/13
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Getting Started with CEP 11g - PACKT publishing - Review

Release Date : March 2013 ISBN : 1849684545 ISBN 13 : 9781849684545 I was looking for this book for a long time. To summarize at a very high level, this book is an excellent blend of general...

Jurgen Appelo07/08/13
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25 Best Blogging Books

The idea of this list not that you start reading at the top. All books about blogging are different. Some books are about writing, others are about marketing. Some are about technical stuff, others only focus on making money.

Loris Tissino07/08/13
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Instant Yii 1.1 Application Development Starter

In the book you don't find anything that isn't available online amongst the official documentation on Yii's website or on Wikipedia. The example in the "Quick start" chapter is taken from (and links...

Damir Arh07/08/13
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Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook

Soon after I started reading the book it stood out to me that this wasn’t a typical cookbook style book, although it followed the same basic structure. Individual recipes are not all that isolated...

Afshin Mehrabani07/02/13
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Instant Node.js Starter

If you would like to learn NodeJs in shortest time and to find what's going behind this recent technology, I would highly recommend you to read "Instant NodeJs Starter". This is a mini-book that...

Jurgen Appelo07/01/13
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15 Best Self-Publishing Books

Ever wondered what books to read on the topic of self-publishing? Wonder no longer. Here's your answer!

Mandar Kulkarni07/01/13
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Kinect in Motion - Audio and Visual Tracking by example

I recently read the book Kinect in Motion - Audio and Visual tracking by example and I was pleased with the amount and flow of information it has about Kinect for Windows SDK. The book is...

Jason Whaley07/01/13
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The Five Most Influential Books to Me as a Developer

I remain one of the few people in irc://chat.freenode.net/##java who will consistently recommend a Head First book. But there’s only a single book from that series that I’ll recommend - Head First Design Patterns.

Phil Wilkins06/28/13
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Getting Started with Oracle Event Processing 11g

Although the book’s introduction says that its target audience is developers and architects the first few chapters are a very good introduction to the ideas and goals if Complex Event Processing...

Mitch Pronschinske06/24/13
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Dave Fecak's New Book Takes a Fresh Look at the Software Engineer's Job Search

Dave Fecak is not your average IT recruiter. IT recruiters tend to be lame, but Dave is quite awesome. You may have read some of his blog posts here or on Job Tips For Geeks. He's written a new book about the job search for software engineers.

Dustin Marx06/21/13
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Learning JavaScriptMVC

Learning JavaScriptMVC introduces and provides an overview of the JavaScriptMVC framework. This framework is described on its web page as "A collection of the best practices and tools for building...

Barney Moss06/19/13
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Getting Started with Oracle Event Processing 11g

This is a good introduction to a product that is relatively hard to get started on. The first few chapters provide some context and history. Then a quick hello-world type event-processing...

Shane Willerton06/16/13
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Review of Database Design for Mere Mortals, 3rd Ed.

Disclaimer: I have to admit being biased towards this book. I read the first edition of Database for Mere Mortals when I was just starting my career in database application development 15 years ago...