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Book Review: HTML 5 Unleashed

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Published by: Pearson Education, Inc.
ISBN: 9780672336270

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One Minute Bottom Line

This book is an excellent HTML 5 resource and reference manual. I recommend this book for Web Designers, Web Developers and especially back-end developers who want to catch up with all the new changes that HTML 5 brings to Web development. This book was extremely interesting and the code examples were accurate.


This book provides a very interesting history of the Web and future insights, too. It explains shims and polyfills and provides many useful references for their downloads and use. Chapter 3 is an excellent reference manual for HTML 5 tags, providing examples and browser compatibility. Video and Audio tags and how to incorporate them into your web design are also covered. Four chapters are devoted to Canvas, providing many examples and thorough explanations. The author explains geolocation in simple terms.

The examples are accurate, easy to understand and successfully tested. Web Storage – again the author does a great job explaining session storage, local storage, file system API and application cache. He also reviews IndexedDB and suggests polyfills to support older browsers. The IndexedDB examples are a bit more JavaScript complex, but they are accurate and are a great learning tool. The last few chapters are written to a higher level, covering messaging, web workers, WebSockets and beyond HTML 5.

I have been a web and back-end developer since 1997 and I definitely recommend this book.

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