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Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012

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Published by: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 1849687048

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One Minute Bottom Line

If you implement Microsoft Dynamics AX you will find this book helpful, whether you have completed multiple implementations or are about to start your first. The real life tips are practical, the inclusion of Sure Step supports why it is an important component of an AX implementation. This is an easy read, which you will beneficial from beginning to end.


Having 14 years of ERP experience I was excited to learn more about Dynamics AX. I was expecting a deeply technical book on implementing the application but instead found a logical, straightforward approach to writing about ERP implementations. Microsoft Dynamics AX is 2012 is an enterprise level, global ERP application which requires a very serious, studied approach. The strengths of the application could also be it's greatest pains for your organization if you don't implement certain settings in a specific way or develop a strategy for them at the beginning of your implementation. That's one reason to read this book. You'll gain from the authors experience to avoid pain later. The way the authors have brought Sure Step 2012 into the book is a smart move. Using Sure Step 2012 is the right way to implement Dynamics AX so it's a natural part of the story. This is a book which is written from experience. The accounts of lessons learned and best practices will save an implementer from making mistakes and suffering the consequences. I found the writing to be straightforward, not overly technical but a good balance of application, technical and product information.
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Willy A. Martinez A. replied on Tue, 2013/06/04 - 8:15am

This book is very useful for people who have the responsibility of managing the implementation project of Dynamics AX 2012 on both roles, the client and business partner

For the customer who wants AX 2012 implementation must have information on the methodology used by the business partner who will make the
implementation and not just be a spectator of what makes business
partner, this book helps companies wishing to implement AX 2012 and have extensive knowledge of how it will implement and what problems may arise in the
course of it.

The authors have tried to express their experiences of deployments in which participated, it
helps project teams who are just dabbling in the implementation of such projects, because as shown in the book is not the same implement AX 2012 to AX 2009 by substantial
features Microsoft has built into this latest version over its predecessor.

Or to understand and learn those project teams that self-interpreted Sure Step Methodology and have tried to apply to your Project without prior guidance.

While the book is not a how-to as such, serves as a guide in order to deepen and seek more information according to the steps and phases that have Sure Step Methodology to have a successful implementation. http://bit.ly/11Feoxh

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