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Instant Cucumber BDD How To

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Published by: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 1782163484

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One Minute Bottom Line

Though Ruby-centric, this book is a great introduction to Cucumber.


Instant Cucumber BDD How to The book is divided in 8 main parts which will drive you from the understanding of the BDD to the advanced usage of Cucumber without forgetting to teach you how to get it running locally. Some diagrams explain you how the (BDD) development process will make your code simple and matching your requirements. The installation part is UNIx oriented but very detailled which is very appreciated (i guess windows users will quickly install cygwin to make it easy). The main sad point was that only ruby language was targeted even if cucumber-jvm, behat...were mentionned. When explaining how to execute features with cucumber the author added screenshots of the cucumber output to show how it really helps you to get the work done. Gherkin language is explained very simply but it is really efficient. Front tests are explained too using capybara tags. Once all is explained a real sample show you it is not only words using a small rails application. Finally when you feel familiar with this technology you learn how to go further using parameterized tests (scenario outline) and backgrouds (common part of scenario). Once here you only miss how to group your tests to run only a sub part of the whole tests you wrote and that's the goal of the next part. Finally the end of the tips part deals with how to write clever matching patterns, how to deal with parameteried scenario efficiently etc... To conclude this book you have an interesting part about 3rd party libraries. It is ruby centric (which is a bit sad IMO) but it does the job listing few libraries which can ease your testing if you are not yet a ruby guy. Finally the book can be found on Instant Cucumber BDD How-to for instance.
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