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Instant HTML5 Presentations How-to

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Published by: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781782164784

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One Minute Bottom Line

A must read for anyone wanting to create beautiful HTML5 presentations.


This book is for anyone wanting to create html5 presentations and anyone wanting to improve their development skills.

A step by step guide with example codes and tips to help you along the way. Using reveal.js, a framework that helps creating presentations, within minutes, you will be able to start a project and see it come to life!

The complete guide covers the how-to's and gives pertinent links for further reading, examples and references. It shows how to use HTML5 elements which makes any application flexible, faster and cleaner.

Like every book published by Packt, it is so easy to understand and follow, you will want to start develop today!
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Yohann Georges replied on Wed, 2013/05/08 - 11:29am

I read the book too (Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy from Packt Publishing). Here is my take on it:

This books teaches you how to create HTML5 presentations. From nested slides to transitions, the creator can customize a lot by using reveal.js. What I especially liked was how the author was introducing all the different technologies to reach the result.

Without using all these frameworks, development would be much longer. You get a peak into markup language, node.js as well as SASS, a CSS framework allowing people to build CSS faster.

This peak makes you want to learn more about these technologies. Reveal.js provides to the developer flexibility and it also changes from Powerpoint.

It would have been nice though to have additional links to dig more into this subject or the technology.

One can think of more features for HTML5 presentations and David Ferreira doesn't speak about possible improvements.

Overall, a nice book that the reader can understand easily as long as he/she has some basics.

You can find the book at Packt Publishing if interested.

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