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ActiveMQ in Action (MEAP) - Book Review

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Published by: Manning Publications
ISBN: 1933988940

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One Minute Bottom Line

This book offers a comfortable way to learn the most important topics about ActiveMQ. It teaches you how to work with the messaging world in your applications. It includes a lot of valuable images that give you an excellent visual understanding. The range of ActiveMQ aspects covered in this book include configuration (connection, persistence and securing), building message applications, tuning and administration. The copy I read of this book was in MEAP format. 


Chapters in my MEAP version: 

  1. An Introduction to Messaging and ActiveMQ
  2. How to Configure ActiveMQ
  3. Using ActiveMQ to Build Messaging Applications
  4. Advanced Features in ActiveMQ

What I liked:

  • There were tons of valuable images that did an excellent job of complementing the authors' ideas.
  • The authors explained their theory well and gave an excellent introduction. 
  • They gave an excellent explanation of why and when to use ActiveMQ.
  • How to work with other java tools, like maven and ant, was also discussed.
  • The book had a good amount of Java code and XML configuration for ActiveMQ.
  • It had a good amount of output results in console or terminal to give you a clear idea of what to expect when you run the samples.
  • It didn't isolate you to only working with Java. Instead, it allowed you to work with many other programming languages like C#, C++, PHP,Ruby, Perl and Phyton, even REST and Ajax.
  • It included some case studies.
  • It gave good material on Administration, Security, Tuning and Monitoring for ActiveMQ.
  • There was also coverage on working with many Application servers like Tomcat, Jetty, Apache Geronimo and JBoss.
  • It even discussed working with the Spring Framework!

What I disliked:

  • In MEAP format, it did not have all the code and snippets available.
  • It also did not include the classic Manning approach of including circled numbers and then proceeding to explain each important part.
  • All the code is tested by commands, so there is not a clear interaction between the user and the application by GUI.
  • There were not enough images showing how to work with the ActiveMQ Web Console.

How to improve:

My three "disliked" reasons would be resolved if this book included the complete code to give the complete panorama.

This is a shortened version of my review. To see an extended review that adds a chapter-by-chapter summary of topics, click here

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