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Oracle CRM On Demand Administration Essentials

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Published by: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 1849685002

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Oracle CRM On Demand Administration Essentials deals in practical tips, gives good overall advice and benefits from a smooth and easy reading style. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a guide to this strong, mature platform and who wants to get the most out of it. Administrator, Customizer, Consultant, Manager - there is something here for everyone. It's available now from Packt.


The eBook or the paper book, your choice - Oracle CRM On Demand Administration Essentials is broken down into several chapters, and here they are : 1 - Overview of CRM On Demand This part was actually very interesting for me. I say that because I have been involved with CRM On Demand since release 4, and I like it when people take the time to put the whole book in context and step back from the detail for a moment. 2 - 1-2-3 Go Live out of the Box Chapter two deals with a subject that I am very in favor of. It strikes a practical note and explains why for many companies embarking on CRM implementations, putting CRM On Demand in place using the standard, bullet-proof processes and objects can often provide a much healthier return on investment. Read this if you are a consultant and you are familiar with other CRM platforms and want to know what is in the box (or the pod, or the instance or whatever). 3 - CRM On Demand Customization This chapter sets out the stall for the next few. It explains the what, why and how you can customize CRM On Demand. Again, great overview work from Venky and his excellent co-writer Paddy. 4 - Application Customization For many of the people who will actually live with CRM On Demand this chapter will be one of the places they come to first. But I would stick with the author's suggestions and read this in the context of the previous chapters - know what you can and cannot do, know why you should or should not, before you actually do anything. 5 - User Access Controls Building on the previous chapters, this unwinds the flexible and sophisticated User Access model for CRM On Demand, looking at the detail but also the design and concepts behind it. I admit I learnt quite a lot about the concepts and the goals of the software. 6 - Business Process Automation and Management Workflow and Assignment in CRM On Demand has come a long way since the beginning. With it's flexible condition editor, advanced integration possibilities and nice Assignment engine this is definitely worth exploring. Again, the authors try hard to avoid you "jumping in" and they set up the concepts first so you don't end up re-inventing wheels or wasting time. I learned a fair bit here, and revisiting the Lead and Sales methodology / Forecasting was a bonus. 7 - Content Management Products, Catalogs, Assessments, Folders - the content that makes the sales and service world go round. 8 - Web Services Integration Rather than trying to explain everything in 20 pages (an unenviable task), the authors give readers enough to understand concepts, examples, and finish with some practical Web Applet and Web Link deliverables. Good review of the Integration Queue concept here too, best practices and the new allotment system. 9 - Reports and Analytics As the authors eloquently describe it, we record data in order to learn from it. The CRM On Demand platform has a stand-out, unbeatable Analytics and Reporting engine coupled with it (and in the base price, no extra cost) and configurators, administrators and analysts need to know about it. 10 - Leveraging CRM On Demand Data and Integration Tools The integration and migration tools have evolved to become very useful migration and loading solutions, and the other solutions (offline, Mobile, Email) to spread the CRM On Demand into your organization by stealth are covered here in detail. 11 - Help, Support Ecosystem and Features in New Releases If I had a penny for every time someone asked me a question, the answer to which was a few clicks of the mouse away, I would be a very rich man. This covers the best ways to leverage My Oracle Support and explains the "What's New" of R20 and R21. 12- Oracle Partner Offerings Venky and Paddy sign off with a round the table tour of the current offerings from the strong ecosystem of Partners. You can find more details and information here online at Packt Publishing
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