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Puppet 3 Starter

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Published by: Jo Rhett
ISBN: 1782161740

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One Minute Bottom Line

This books explains exactly what Puppet is -- and how to use it. A great "quick start."


The book is divided in 4 main parts:

  • What's puppet
  • Its installation
  • Quick start
  • Tips

The first part is short but show you with a very simple sample why puppet is important and what is its target. A side effect of this part is to show you some puppet syntax which seems clearly easier compared to the bash script used in the sample.

The installation part is detailled enough to let you do it quickly and commands are easy to copy/paste which is always appreciated for these not very interesting part of the usage of a product. Windows is not forbidden which is always nice (in particular for enterprise context).

Once you installed (and tested!) you puppet server you'll learn the basis of the puppet (core) usage to manage softwares, services, files...Afterwards you'll learn how to create your own puppet module, how to make resources communicate between them and how to notify changes.

The next part is very nice because it shows you you can handle easily changes, use environment (test, release...) to valid changes...and to switch from the default WEBrick server to a Passenger one to allow more users to use your puppet server concurrently.

The last part is more or less a list of pointers to help you to go further or to find help in your puppet usage. Nothing fancy but always a must have!

If you are interesting in buying the book you can find it here.

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