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Responsive Web Design By Example

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Published by: PACKT Publishing
ISBN: 1849695423

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One Minute Bottom Line

This book is worth purchasing as it is chock full of source code, assets, and many, many, many links to Responsive Web Design subject matter.


This is a well written book chock full of code examples and an abundance of linked resources that will keep you busy loading and saving websites as resources and references. The first thing I would recommend is a review of the Table of Contents where the intent of the author --Thoriq Firdaus-- is clearly expressed chapter after chapter.

By chapter two I realized the author is using a strategy long used by authors and speakers to tell you what he is going to tell you, then he tells you and finally he tells you what he told you, the latter of what is being told to the reader provided in a section entitled "What Just Happened" followed by a Summary. This is one of many time-honored structural patterns used by professional writers and it works very well for this type of subject matter.

When I see the phrase "by example" in a book title I expect to see a lot of source code. This title more than delivers as the author has developed three different websites using three different Responsive Web Design (RWD) frameworks: Skeleton, Bootstrap and Foundation including the use of two different CSS Preprocessors LESS and SASS.

Only a real noob with no hands-on experience will have a problem with this book as each project gets right into the thick of things wasting no time with introductory this or that. Similary at the other end of the spectrum there is something here for the intermediates and the seasoned web developers such as myself as we know there is always something new to learn and this title delivers.

In fact, and speaking for myself, the best parts of this book are the source code snippets which a reader can learn him or her self how the use of LESS and SASS differentiate themselves as CSS preprocessors. Of course each of the website projects and all of the source code written for this book can be downloaded from the PACKT Publishing website at no cost.

That said, the author does not say so himself nor do I say so but it can be inferred by reading the examples of source code which explains why so many people are said to be choosing to use LESS which is apparently --less-- extensive and --less-- robust than SASS. The irony being that last statement was an intentional pun to help people understand LESS is easier to learn and LESS is easier to use but LESS lacks advanced functionality when compared to SASS which I will not discuss further as there are many blogs that have documented these LESS vs SASS comparisons. In a nutshell, installing SASS and the use of a command line is apparently what puts people off on this one.

Finally, there is plenty of HTML5 in all three projects to learn how some of the new HTML5 elements provide semantic and structural meaning to our web pages. When we use CSS preprocessors and Media Queries with Responsive Design methodologies to build HTML5 websites we end up  being correctly perceived as timely and competitive winners like PACKT customers who buy this book will become after purchasing and reading this book, using the source code examples and developing their own next website by example.

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