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Review of Essential Skills for the Agile Developer: A Guide to Better Programming and Design

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Published by: Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 9780321543738

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One Minute Bottom Line

Full of practical advice for developing production quality code in any project framework with particular emphasis on avoiding too-much as well as too-little design in an efficient manner. Useful for any experienced developer wishing to write better software while wasting as little time as possible.


The authors provide practical advice for developing software in an Agile context by showing how to code for future enhancements while avoiding unnecessary over-design. They leverage their extensive experience to avoid under-design as well. This book will not teach the fundamentals of object-oriented design but does connect the different areas in extremely useful ways. After learning a OO programming language, UML, OO design principles, design patterns, etc, read this book to make your next Agile (or Waterfall) project more successful. This book is not for beginners nor is it for non-programmers. I would highly recommend it for architects, team leads and experienced developers who are serious about making their next software project more successful. The authors assume that the reader has a firm understanding of UML, design patterns and Object Oriented design principles such as encapsulation and inheritance. The authors successfully shed a great deal of clarity and expansion on those topics but some experience in those areas makes their examples easier to understand. It has been a while since I last read the Design Patterns book by the Gang of Four so I had to look up a couple of the patterns to refresh my memory but overall I found this to be a very useful addition to my library. The authors stress the importance of performing just enough design to get started while avoiding the pitfalls of too-little as well as too-much design. Any serious developer should read this book though it may be too deep a dive for the casual or beginner coder.
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