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Windows Vista Annoyances

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Published by: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596527624

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One Minute Bottom Line

This book is excellent for its intended audience. I volunteered to review this book, since we purchased a new HP Laptop for my 15 year old daughter, which of course is Windows Vista. The first day itself she started complaining that her brand new Laptop was slower during startup than my 4 year old Windows XP Laptop.

This book was released at the exact same time, and I thought what a better way to review a book than to practically use it. Except for chapters 3, 7 and 8, we did read and try out most tips on all the remaining chapters and it sure does help maximize the usage of Windows Vista experience.

If you own a computer with Vista, this is a must have book.


1. Get Started with Windows Vista
This chapter begins with a very interesting sentence. To quote the author "Windows Vista is like a papaya; sleek on the outside, but a big mess on the inside". After having used Vista for less than a month, I completely agree with the above quote.
This chapter shows how to install Vista on a new system, upgrade from a previous version, and reinstall Vista in some special cases.
The chapter also contains sections on how to reduce Vista's footprint, and set up a dual boot system.

2. Shell Tweaks
In this chapter, you will learn how to customize windows explorer, the desktop, the start menu, and also learn file management tricks.

3. The Registry
If innovation and creativity are your forte, than this chapter will teach you how to explore, hack, and manage Windows' database of settings and system data.

4. Working with Media
This chapter will allow you to get the most with your videos, pictures and music in Vista. Some of the interesting things you will learn in this chapter are "Watch TV on your TV", "Capture HDTV programming", and "Handling online Video".

5. Performance
This chapter tells you how to make your PC wickedly fast, and improve its overall performance.

6. Troubleshooting
With troubleshooting being a common problem in Vista, this chapter tells what to do when Vista crashes, when it won't start at all, manage startup problems, and above all interpret device manager errors.

7. Networking and Internet
Surf the WWW with ease, as this chapter helps with local network connection and getting your wireless working safely. You have several tips and helpful hints like, router placement, cabling tips, and disabling the security center.

8. Users and Security
Who doesn't want privacy, right? This chapter tells you how to keep all your information private and safe. It also helps manager accounts and share files and printers with others on your network.

9. Scripting and Automation
If you are still using the command prompt, and all the DOS commands, this is the chapter for you. It explains how to use command line parameters, how to manager Windows Services, make a Startup Script and many more.

A. BIOS Settings
Glossary of common BIOS settings and what they do.

B. TCP/IP Ports
Glossary of commonly used TCP/IP ports and how they're used.

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